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  • DONT ACCEPT THE LOW QUALITY SPIRULINA – Our journey of looking for the best Spirulina in the world took us to a remote Spirulina farm far from the highways, airports and cities located in Southern California where the water is mineral-rich and air is clean. You will never  find any other higher Spirtulina product any where.(Trust us, we tried).
  • NON-GMO, 100 PERCENT VEGETARIAN, HERBICIDE AND PESTICIDE FREE – We are tired of the low quality that come from China, India, Japan and other Asian countries that have serious pollution problems. We take great pride in providing you a great product that is Non-GMO, gluten free, non-irradiated,pesticide and herbicide free, sustainably grown, allergen free, Halal and Kosher certified and 100 percent vegetarian.
  • MORE NUTRITIOUS THAN CHLORELLA – It contains 15 times more beta-carotene than vegetable carrots, 1.5 times more calcium than cow milk and more iron than spinach. It also contains more iron, protein, essential amino acids, B vitamins, and vitamins C, D and E than chlorella. Two daily servings everyday is equal to 7servings of common vegetables and fruits in terms of antioxidant content.
  • INCREDIBLE HEALTH BENEFITS – Adding our tablets or powder of Spirulina to your diet is certinly your smartest decision so far. It will increase your energy and vitality,support your immune system, support your brain, promote eye health and weight loss.

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