O’Keeffe’s K0320001-4 Healthy Feet Foot Cream in Jar (4 Pack), 3.2 oz


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  • O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Foot Cream is a concentrated foot cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked feet.
  • Boost levels of moisture Instantly and helps prevent further moisture loss
  • O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet Foot Cream works very fast; Most users start feeling the improvements in their dry cracked feet within few days.
  • O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet formula contains high level of Allantoin that helps penetrate rougher and thicker surface feet’s skin.
  • Apply at bedtime or after bathing to exfoliate the foo’s cream, as these are the best times for moisturization.

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