Manic Panic Semi-Permanent anniversary Edition Hair Color Amethyst Ashes


• A semi–permanent like MANIC PANIC hair color does not contain any harmful chemicals and relies on natural
• Slate gray with a delicate touch of violet
• Our product is gentle and does not require a mixer.
• Excellent product. Leaves hair amazingly soft
• You will be very impressed by how evenly it colored your hair, 
• This product is the stronger and longer lasting than other semi-permanent hair colors
• Distinguishes as Vegan formula contains no harsh ingredients or animal products
• This dye is high quality and is very easy to spreas throughtout your hair with the smooth and creamy consistency and ot glows under a black light.
• Wild hair dyes that condition the hair as well as color it
• this product is truly a miracle,because it’s wild hair dyes that condition the hair as well as color it.
• PPD, ammonia, peroxide and paraben free

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