Hansi Organics 100 Percent Organic Hand Poured Beeswax Premium Quality, Cosmetic Grade and Triple Filtered 5 oz



  • PACK CONTAINS 5 bars of beeswax each one weight 1oz, an additional 6th bar may be added to ensure that the minimum of weight is 5oz. Dived the bar to make it perfect to be used on small amounts or to melt it with new homemade recipes and mix it with essential oils.
  • PREMIUM BEESWAX – Made from 100 percent all natural and organic beeswax produced by honey bees from the genus Apis. Fantastic for use in homemade beauty products of skin and hair such as lip balm, body lotion and skin care products as well as hobby initiatives and craft. The long continuous list of wonderful uses of this magical yellow-golden Create a natural and soothing salve by mixing this beeswax with jojoba oil, shea butter, essential oils and vitamin.
  • PROFESSIONAL USE This Beeswax is neat t wax the tracks on sash windows, great for lubing bullet casting molds and as a lubricant or sealant for bullets in ball firearms and cap.
  • SUPERIOR LONGEVITY – Beeswax can be reused by heating it again and again, it never goes bad, that is why it’s known to be uses in , It is perfect for relaxing appearance and fragrance.

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