To be an agent in company Desert:

First of all, we want to point out that the organization of our company is not an hierarchical or investment type, but we are a company of importation, which most product import from united states, well-known and easy for you to sell.

Secondly, to join the Desert family you have to be invited by an on-duty agent who have a valid membership code, which the membership code will be available from February 2, 2017 and will be limited up to 100 person. So If you’re late to get your membership code, The only way is that subordinated to the team of an agent who has membership code.

Company product are divided into two types, stock available in UAE and No stock in UAE, Stock available which can be delivery to you in 3 days after place order, No stock is mean item what your customer require is available in U.S website which demand company import with competitive price in 7 days. company will delivery to you as long as receive the item to make sure delivery on time, For some special item, the delivery time may be a little longer, Company will explain before process the order. For the sake of keeping agent profit, company will provide very competitive price for both type product.
Each agent have a on line control center that allow to shop for himself and his clients, also able to review the points obtained in order to convert them for purchase.

While log in Desert family, you need choose one of the two system of the company: the system 120 or the system 250, the details of the two systems as below:

1.The system 120 offer you 20% discount of all products in the website when your monthly sales amount over 1000aed to 2000aed below.

2.The System 250 offer you 50% discount of all products in the website when your monthly sales over 2000aed.

Every agent of the two system can get gift monthly start from the second month of the partnership.

At the first month, the orders from agent must be equivalent to his system, if you choose the system 120, the order amount cannot be less than 1000 AED, if you choose the 250 system, the order amount cannot be less than 2000 AED.

The agent get discount immediately after complete the buying request.

Company will delivery within 3 days after receive the request, cash payment is upon delivery.

Desert doesn’t take any fee or advanced payment to ensure legality and transparency.
Every agent have the right to establish a team to get point, you get one point for every 10 AED you purchase in one month, and one point for every 20 AED from his team member purchase

For Example : Leila has a membership code, and has invited ahlam and Khadija and Marwa and sheikha, Leila purchased order amount 2,500 AED monthly and therefore get 250 point, while ahlam purchased order amount 2,200 AED monthly, Leila will get 110 point while ahlam get 220 point, while Khadija purchased order amount 1200 AED, Laila will get 60 point while Khadijah get 120 point . It will apply to all the member of her team. At the end of the month, all the point earned by each member will calculate and convert to credit which allow to purchase product from company website

If a member get 400 point he will receive a reward of 200AED.
If a member get 600 point he will receive a reward of 400AED.
If a member get 800 point he will receive a reward of 800AED .
If a member get 1000 point he will receive a reward of 1600 AED.

The point cycle will be calculated monthly from the day when the user register and the rewards to next purchase order, the point will be 0 and recalculate from first day of next month.

The monthly free gift from company can be used or sold by agent.

The registration will be open soon, For booking, please contact Mr Mohammed, customer service number 0526454520.

Thank you and welcome to our Desert family where can satisfy your ambition and make your dream come true