Curvier You

Curvier You

Physical attractiveness matters when a person is dating, is in love or in a relationship. Infact even in normal interactions, people are very perceptive visually and a lot is infact inferred just based on the look of the person. This may not be the right thing to do but it is an undeniable fact. This has been proven by studies conducted in all parts of the world among people of both sexes and for varying levels of relationships as well as interactions.

Even if people say that physical attractiveness does not matter to them there is a lot of research done to prove that people still based their actions on it. This is true for not only men but women as well.

Men and women are built differently. What is attractive in a man does not apply to a woman. There are different body types which the majority of women fall into and most men love the look of women who are fairly strong. This is why to a man a woman who has a curvy figure is more attractive than one who is stick thin or a woman that is round all over.

Women are shaped due to estrogen and healthy women which have lots of estrogen have hourglass shapes which consists of broad shoulders, strong hips and lean waists. These women tend to be very muscular at the hips as well as the glutes and this indicates strength and good bone structure. A lean waist indicates body fat levels that are healthy.

The ideal ratio of waist to hip is 0.7 and that is also considered to be the sexiest when it comes to the ratio universally considered sexy. This ratio is the circumference of the waist at the narrowest point and it is divided then by the circumference of the hips at the point which is the widest.

Nature and genes may not bestow on all women the right proportion and the right ratios and therefore, women can take Curvier You which is an enhancement formula to enhance your natural figure. This product Curvier You helps in various ways.

  1. When you take this product the butt size increases and that automatically increases the curves by bringing your body ratio closer to the 0.7 ideal ratio.
  2. This includes mauritiaflexuosa as well as Maca Root, PuerariaMirifica, L Tyrosine and Isoflaveones’ in addition to other ingredients and these are all natural ingredients and so safe to consume.
  3. This formula is potent and strong as well as guaranteed to work on giving you a figure that is sexier and curvier.
  4. One can see a noticeable difference and that adds to the confidence levels of the individual
  5. This is much more cost effective than going in for plastic surgery to enhance the size of the butt
  6. This is a better for those that are scared of going under the knife
  7. It is a healthier option for women to get the kind of body they always dream of having.

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